Mk4 Composite Pedals now available

When we started this project we had a simple goal. Make a best in class composite pedal just like our Aluminium MK4 Pedal.

Uncompromised grip, rugged durability, the same sculpted simple lines, fully backed up with spares and at an affordable price.

The body is an Injection moulded construction of  Nylon and Fibre Glass. This makes it tough against impact yet allowing cheaper production to impact less on your wallet. When we set out to build this pedal it had to have everything you’ve come to expect from a Burgtec pedal. Unrelenting grip and durable internals. The body is modelled exactly around  our MK4 Pedal. We used the same depth concave and pin placement as the MK4 to achieve this. Just like its big brother its fully serviceable and all of the pins are replaceable for when things get rowdy. 

• Nylon and Fibreglass Body

• SCM415 Chromoly Axle

• Fully Rebuildable Internals

• All replaceable steel pins

• Recyclable

• 376g for the pair

• £39.99 RRP

• Currently available in black only.

• Available in all good Bike Shops.