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UCI World Championships - Mont-Sainte-Anne, Quebec, CAN The Mont-Sainte-Anne track is the oldest on the pro circuit having been a World Cup or World Champs location for 27 years now. It's also one of the longest, roughest, rockiest and most challenging as the riders drop almost 2,000 ft in around 4 minutes. And the Syndicate [...]

Mk4 Composite wins over Singletrack

Burgtec Penthouse Mk4 grip your sole as tenaciously as an excited octopus clinging to a winning lottery ticket! Andi Sykes from Singletrack gave the new Mk4 Composite pedals a awesome review. "What more is there to say other than the composite Burgtec Penthouse Mk4 grip your sole as tenaciously as an excited octopus [...]

Affordable Performance

Mk4 Composite Pedals now available When we started this project we had a simple goal. Make a best in class composite pedal just like our Aluminium MK4 Pedal. Uncompromised grip, rugged durability, the same sculpted simple lines, fully backed up with spares and at an affordable price. The body is an Injection moulded [...]

The Goats Grip

The Goats Grip! “Make a Grip with the fussiest rider on the Planet, you must be mad!” Gregs reputation for knowing exactly what he wants definitely precedes him. When Greg approached us with the idea of making a Grip together. We did think that making a grip from the ground up with [...]

Enduro MK2 GoPro Mount

Mount Your GoPro To Your Bike The GoPro Stem Face Plate offers a neat, secure and simple way of mounting a camera to your bike. Allowing you to easily attach and angle your GoPro. Capture the shred, never miss a crash or sketchy moment ever again. Click the link to visit shop [...]