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Vital RAW Luke Strobel

Vital RAW - Luke Strobel, Trail Slaying in Washington Vital Raw is a 2 minute Slayathon of Luke Strobel on his Evil Following MB. This Lad must of been a train driver in a former life the way goes round corners on rails!

Ratboy rides Burgtec

Burgtec and Bryceland hella good combo! If Josh ain't the best rider to watch then I'll eat my own lid. You just can't take your eyes off the Rat. His speed balanced with unpredictability just makes for essential viewing. Loose Dog but's a Thrasher of an edit together.

Our Man Jack

You don't have to be fast to work at Burgtec but it helps! Burgtec's very own warehouse manager Jack Sprogis shreds up in the North East at Hamsterly. Minute long banger from the 21 year old that still gets a bed time story from his Mum.