Mount Your GoPro To Your Bike

The GoPro Stem Face Plate offers a neat, secure and simple way of mounting a camera to your bike. Allowing you to easily attach and angle your GoPro. Capture the shred, never miss a crash or sketchy moment ever again.

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Avoid the faff and never have to wear and uncomfy chesty again or get to the start line and be greeted with “No helmet camera’s mate”. Different countries and race organisers have different rules. All unanimously allow cameras to be mounted on the bike so we decided to make a permanent and proper fitting for our Stem.

The front and centre of the mount gives you an awesome point of view.  Go Shred, Capture and Share!

Never miss an adventure ever again.

Easily relive and share.

Simple and quick fitting.

Symmetrical POV.

This mount is compatible with all Go Pro Hero’s and Hero Sessions.

This fits all Enduro MK2 Stems  in 31.8mm and 35mm

35mm Clamp Burgtec Black, Race Red, Deep Blue, Kash Bronze, Purple Rain and Iron Bro Orange.

31.8mm Clamp Black only.

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