The Goats Grip!

“Make a Grip with the fussiest rider on the Planet, you must be mad!”

Gregs reputation for knowing exactly what he wants definitely precedes him.

When Greg approached us with the idea of making a Grip together. We did think that making a grip from the ground up with probably the fussiest rider on the planet was absolute madness!  At the same time we did know that if Greg was going to put his name to something it would have to be perfect. We were down for the challenge.

What Greg wanted was simple... An uncomplicated Grip with certain key features that allowed him to focus on the ultimate end goal of going fast.

However the features were not so simple. Supple, Tacky, Comfy, Vibration Damping and Soft but long lasting.

The first thing to establish was the main diameter across the grip, after testing lots of different thicknesses we settled on 31.5mm. From this we came up with a very basic prototype. This proved the diameter was correct and we were confident we could use the rubber compound to achieve the long lasting element.

Now that all of this done we had to work on a pattern to give the soft feel and enough rubber to give the best vibration damping possible. Greg was straight onto this and knew exactly what he wanted. It was like he’d gone over this part 1000’s of times in his head already.

We produced a 3D printed mould and promptly made another Prototype. This was instant hit with Greg – changes from this were minimal. He knows better than anyone that Pro riders can get really focussed on what only they want. He urged us to get some feedback from some other riders. Both sets of feedback was identical so we knew were heading in the right direction and promptly made another protype. This prototype ticked all of the boxes and we made no changes to the actual production grip.