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About Us: Labour of Love

Burgtec was born out of our passion/obsession for downhill racing and as the strap line says it’s a labour of love. The hours that we have collectively spent working and developing Burgtec, doesn’t even bare thinking about. But when your passionate about something you know the lengths you will go to succeed.

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Enduro MK2 GoPro Mount

Mount Your GoPro To Your Bike The GoPro Stem Face Plate offers a neat, secure and simple way of mounting a camera to your bike. Allowing you to easily attach and angle your GoPro. Capture the shred, never miss a crash or sketchy moment ever again. Click the link to visit shop Enduro MK2 GoPro Mount Avoid the faff and never have to wear and uncomfy [...]

Enduro World Series Rd 5 La Thuile Italy

Epic Riding in La Thuile Round on round the EWS just keeps getting better and La Thuile was no exception. The Italian countryside was the backdrop to some great racing with birthday boy Sam Hill taking the the first 3 stages showing his current dominance. But EWS winner in waiting Martin Maes took the last 2 stage wins and ended up only 14 seconds off the top spot [...]

Watch Out Circles Oval’s Coming For Yer!

We've introduced Oval into our Chainring line up. “After over a year of testing we are pleased to release our Oval Chain Ring” Does a mechanical advantage of increased gearing sound Interesting? If so read on. Through research and testing of many different prototypes with varying amounts of Ovality we found 115% (from the top centre) to be the optimum. This shrank the dead spot suitably and gave [...]

“The word ‘artisan’ conjures up images of goat’s cheese sourced from smug organic farmers’ markets, but in mountain biking terms it means tough-as-nails pedals from Burgtec.”