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About Us: Labour of Love

Burgtec was born out of our passion/obsession for downhill racing and as the strap line says it’s a labour of love. The hours that we have collectively spent working and developing Burgtec, doesn’t even bare thinking about. But when your passionate about something you know the lengths you will go to succeed.

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Street fight followed by a Rumble in the Jungle!

Manizales, Colombia Enduro World Series Rd 2 Fantastic racing in Manizales, Colombia EWS Rd2. From racing in the streets to rain in the jungle. This years series is certainly sorting the men from the boys. Kike Abelleira followed Burgtec rider Josh Bryceland through the stages and produced some fantastic images. Josh finished 17th overall. Click the images to view in gallery.

Iron Bro Orange now in stock!

Iron Bro Orange is now in Stock Yessss Bro! Iron Bro Orange to be exact. We added Scotlands favourite colour to our repertoire of sick Annodising. Available in Penthouse Mk4 pedals, Enduro 35mm Clamp stems and Bartender grips.

Vital cloud mk2 review

Vital gives the Cloud Mk2 Saddle Outstanding review. Are you sitting comfy? Well you are with the Cloud MK2 according to Vital MTB Vital MTB Product Guide - Burgtec Cloud MK2

“The word ‘artisan’ conjures up images of goat’s cheese sourced from smug organic farmers’ markets, but in mountain biking terms it means tough-as-nails pedals from Burgtec.”